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Penny and the Fourth of July

Fourth of July Pet Safety

Penny lifts her furry little head off the bed, sniffs the air twice, jumps down from the bottom of the bed, and wags her tail. After about 2 seconds, when she is fully awake, she runs down the stairs and greets your daughter at the door as soon as she walks into the house. What just happened? How did Penny know that Jane was about to enter the house? You are asking that because you are not a dog. Penny knows; the sound of Jane’s car even pitches that you, or any other human, can’t hear; she knows the position of the sun at the time Jane returns home.

Well, how does this fit in with the Fourth of July? We think of this event as humans from the United States. We celebrate winning the war that liberated us from foreign control. We know from springtime that it will be coming soon. We know that there will be commemorations in the form of fireworks with their noise and lighting up the nighttime sky. The noise and the flashes in the night sky are not like anything that Penny is used to. All these things are strange and unsettling to her. At first, she tries to warn you with a few barks, but you don’t react with a plan or fear. That is even more unsettling to her. Now she fears for both you and her.

You want to have a good time, and you don’t want Penny to be stressed out. Now what? Penny is a reasonable pet, so her needs are easy to provide:

  1. Penny needs a safe place to go, away from the noise.

  2. She needs scents she knows, smells that comfort her (yes, dirty clothes are the best).

  3. She needs curtains to block the light flashes.

  4. She needs lots of petting on the head to make her feel that you have this all under control and that she is safe.

This is enough for most pets, but not for your friend’s dog. His name is Thor, named after the Greek god of thunder. He fears loud noise, thunder, the neighbor’s cat, wet grass, and even the vacuum cleaner. Thor can be happy that he lives in the present time so that he can enjoy the benefits of modern pharmaceuticals.

There are many medications that can help in these situations. Thor has anxiety, so he needs a little more help, like:

1. Long-acting tranquilizers like acepromazine that can help Thor sleep through the whole event, or

2. Medications like gabapentin increase serotonin levels and make him think, "Wow, this is not too bad."

It is always good to consult with a veterinarian to choose the best option for your pet. At Ivy Pets, we are happy to consult with you. We can help you choose the best plan for the big day!

Contact us at either of our 2 locations to book an appointment:



718-820-0002 1930 Ave M Brooklyn, NY

212-732-7474 256 West Street

 New York, NY

We look forward to assisting you and your fur babies!

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