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Boarding and Doggy Day Care

Your Pet's Home Away From Home

Service Description

Facility Overview: We believe in creating an environment that mirrors the love and care your pets receive at home. Our facility is designed to cater to the diverse needs of pets, ensuring they experience the utmost comfort and joy during their stay. From spacious, climate-controlled accommodations to engaging play areas, we've crafted an environment where tails wag and pets thrive. Accommodations: Your pet's stay begins in our thoughtfully designed accommodations, where we prioritize both their physical and emotional well-being. Our suites are spacious and equipped with cozy bedding, ensuring a good night's sleep for even the most discerning pets. The climate control feature ensures a comfortable temperature, and soft ambient lighting creates a serene atmosphere. For our feline guests, we offer private cat condos that provide a secure and tranquil space for rest and relaxation. Each condo is strategically placed to minimize stress and maximize enjoyment for our feline friends. Nutrition: At Ivy Pets, we understand the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet for your pets. Our professional staff is dedicated to maintaining your pet's regular feeding schedule and dietary preferences. We offer premium pet food options, and we encourage pet parents to bring their pet's favorite treats and meals to make their stay even more enjoyable. Play and Exercise: A key component of a happy pet is ample play and exercise. Our facility boasts spacious play areas where dogs can socialize, exercise, and burn off excess energy under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff. For our feline friends, interactive play sessions and climbing structures are provided to stimulate both body and mind. Additionally, we offer optional activities and personalized play sessions to cater to each pet's unique preferences and energy levels. Whether it's a game of fetch, a leisurely stroll, or some quality cuddle time, our dedicated staff ensures that your pet receives the attention and playtime they deserve. Health and Wellness: The well-being of your pets is our top priority. Our facility is staffed with trained professionals who monitor the health and behavior of each pet throughout their stay. We follow rigorous cleanliness and hygiene protocols to maintain a safe and healthy environment. In the event of any health concerns, our on-site veterinary team is readily available to provide prompt care. Booking and Reservations: Please call us in advance to schedule.

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  • 1930 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY, USA

    +1 (718) 820-0002

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