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Dana Minacapelli

Dana started her journey in the veterinary field in 2004 at an animal shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas. She immediately fell in love with the profession and nurtured her passion for helping animals that were in desperate need of a second chance. Here, she began implementing improved policies that mitigated disease control, managed a low cost spay/neuter program for the community, and made recommendations to the Board of Directors on best practices for the clinic as well as the shelter as a whole.

After leaving the shelter to move to Houston, Dana managed a few private practice hospitals in the Houston area, helping them grow from single doctor practice to multi doctor practices with strong revenue and new client growth.  Soon thereafter, she was recruited by a national chain to run one of their largest and busiest locations and subsequently grew that practice by 35% over a two year period.  Through strong networking, she recruited highly qualified new doctors and staff, and reduced overall turnover to not only below industry standards but below national standards.

Dana has since worked with several PE backed consolidators often during the start up phase of the business to help grow revenue, optimize operations, protect employee engagement, and promote a stellar client experience. She thrives in helping to lay the foundation for Operational excellence and creating a road map that can be used to scale the business.

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