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Dr. John Sangiorgio

Meet Dr. Sangiorgio, our CMO. Dr Sangiorgio may seem calm when you meet him. This is certainly because he has seen a lot of emergencies in his career. He opened the first privately-owned all-night emergency center in New York City many years ago. He has seen and saved a horse dropped from a helicopter, a dog hanging from a bra, and plenty of limping pets. You can read about these adventures in his upcoming book.

Dr Sangiorgio has received many awards including ‘Veterinarian of the Year,’ ’Outstanding Service to Veterinary Medicine,’ and ‘The Presidential Award’ all given to him from The Veterinary Medical Association of New York City.

If he looks a little familiar it may be because his hobby is professional acting. He has portrayed a human doctor, a homeless person, a marathon runner, a mob guy, and lots of other roles. Look for him in films, advertisements, and music videos.

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