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Veterinary Technician

Elene Chumburidze

Meet Elene, affectionately known as Lenni – the heartbeat of our compassionate veterinary team!

From a young age, Lenni knew that her true calling was to be there for animals in need. Channeling her childhood love for furry friends, Lenni transformed her passion into a fulfilling career as a Veterinary Technician. Now, she's an integral part of our clinic, bringing boundless compassion and care to every four-legged friend that walks through our doors.

But don't let her friendliness fool you – Lenni is a pro when it comes to handling all kinds of medical procedures. Whether it's a routine check-up or surgical assistance, she's got the skills and knowledge to provide purr-fect care for your fur babies. She loves forming meaningful bonds with pet parents like you, ensuring your beloved pets receive the best possible care even beyond the clinic walls.

When Lenni isn't busy showering your furry companions with love and care, you’ll find her with her own beloved pet-children: Harley & Norman (rescue kitties), and an African fat-tailed gecko named Mercury!

So, the next time you visit us, be sure to say hello to Lenni. We can't wait to welcome you and your pets into our big, loving family!

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