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Customer Service Representative

Sasha Yavna

Allow us to introduce Sasha, our CSR at Ivy Pets. 🩺🌟

With a heart brimming with compassion for both furry companions and their devoted owners, Sasha is here to ensure your experience with Ivy Pets is as warm and smooth as the purring of a contented cat. 🐱 Whether you're reaching out to schedule appointments, seeking guidance, or simply sharing heartwarming tales about your cherished pets, Sasha is dedicated to delivering the finest service with a friendly and caring demeanor.

At Ivy Pets, the team understands that your pets are an integral part of your family, and Sasha is excited to be a part of the effort that goes the extra mile to ensure they receive the care they truly deserve. 🐶🏥

Please don't hesitate to contact Sasha with any questions, concerns, or heartening stories of wagging tails and joyful meows. Let's embark together on this journey of pet care! 🐾✨

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